Thioglycolic Acid



1. In the petrochemical industry and railway sector, Thioglycolic Acid is used for cleaning and rust removal, especially suitable for cleaning equipment and rails; 

2. In the daily chemical industry, Thioglycolic Acid is the main raw material for Cold Perm Essence and Hair Removal Agents;

3. In the fields of coatings and fibers, Thioglycolic Acid can be used as a modifier, and also as  a catalyst for producing Epoxy Resins and Bisphenol A; 

4. In the field of medicine, Thioglycolic Acid is an important raw materials for the synthesis of certain drugs. 




 AppearanceColorless transparent or slightly yellow liquidColorless transparent or slightly yellow liquid
 TGA, %   ≥ 80 90
Fe (ppm), mg/kg ≤ 0.5 0.5
Relative Density    
 1.28-1.4 1.28-1.4


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1000kg IBC Drum 

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