Color masterbatch for high color fastness fiber products



This type of products mainly select high-performance pigments or dyes as colorants, and add corresponding functional additives according to the different requirements of customers. Our company has full-color dyes and pigments with superior performance, which can not only meet the needs of customers for various colors, but also meet the corresponding color fastness requirements, such as the light resistance standard ISO105-B02≥6, AATCC16.3(200~800h)≥4; friction resistance ISO105-X12 dry and wet friction ≥4; dry heat resistance ISO105-P01(180°C 3min)≥4 etc.

Our company's existing products include high color fastness masterbatches for melt spinning of polyester and nylon fiber chips. In addition, masterbatches for polypropylene fiber and polylactic acid fiber can be customized according to customer needs. At present, such products are widely used in a series of fields with high color fastness requirements, such as outdoor products and automotive interiors.

Use ratio and method: 

The use ratio can be based on the color of the customer's sample.


In 25kg kraft paper bag 

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