Conductive Fiber Masterbatch



This type of masterbatch has the advantages of good compatibility, good fiber-forming properties, high strength, abrasion resistance and washing resistance.

The product uses the same type of resin as the fiber substrate as the carrier, and can produce core or skin conductive fibers according to customer needs; this kind of conductive fiber masterbatch is divided into white and black. Among them, the white masterbatch can achieve antistatic effect, and the black masterbatch. The particles can achieve conductive effect. At present, the conventional product is nylon conductive masterbatch, which can also be customized according to different carriers (PP, TPO, TPR, TPEE). 


This product are widely used in fiber fields such as anti-static work clothes, anti-static filter bags, electromagnetic wave shielding covers, and anti-microwave work clothes. 



In 25kg kraft paper bag 

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