Benzoic Acid



1. Benzoic acid is used as a raw material for a large range of products such as benzoyl chloride, propiophenone , caprolactam , photo-inhibitors , esters and polyamide.


2. It is also a building block for specialty benzoate plasticizers , it’s esters, such as DEDB , TEDB, DPGDB, in this application it is a substitute for a number of phthalic plasticizers that are classified as SVHC(Substances of High Concern)by ECHA.


3. Benzoic acid is further used as a chain terminator in the production of alkyd resins to improve gloss, adhesion, hardness and chemical resistance of the final product. Benzoicacid is added to synthetic polysdter fibers to improve finish. Incorporation of benzoic acid in HDPE filaments and thermoplastic elastomers results in high-strength filaments for fishing nets , etc.


4. Other applications include use as a corrosion inhibitor in automotive cooling liquids and as an additive in down-hole mud drilling, where benzoic acid functions as a temporary plugging agent in subterranean formations. It is also used as corrosion preservatives in car coatings. 

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