Soya Lecithin



Food Industry: It mainly used in making chocolate, man-made butter, bread, cake, icecream, noodle sauce etc. It has the function of emulsification, antioxygenic property,reducing viscosity and dispersing property, it also can combine with starch, protein to reform physical property of food.

Paint & Coating Industry: It can be applied to different coating formulations, like color paste and pigment grinding, waxing, polishing agent and timber preservative and so on. It can also be used as dispersing aid and wetting agent for paint, spray paint and printing ink.

Chemical Industry: Leather industry, Textiles, Emulsion explosive, Petroleum drilling fluid etc.

Pharmaceutical & Health Care: Capsule, pharmaceutical excipients, intravenous fatemulsion, liposome preparations, PC injection, oral preparations.

Feed Nutrition: Aquatic feed, livestock and poultry feed. It can strengthen the nutrition of feedstuff, providing lecithin, cephalin, necessary fatty acid, Vitamin E etc. It has function of antioxygenic property.  

200kg Iron Drum

1000kg IBC

23mt /Flexibag

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